Marketing Submission for Trust Status

Marketing Submission for Trust Status

The Challenge

The hospital wished to gain Trust status and to introduce strategic marketing and a ‘patient centred approach’ to the whole organisation. There was no marketing culture or expertise.

The Analysis

The Board and staff members were interviewed. Direct customers (GPs, PCTs and patients) were interviewed. Management information availability and requirements were reviewed.

The Strategy

A strategy for introducing and integrating marketing in the hospital was developed and used as part of the Trust submission.

The Result

Trust status was granted; one of the first hospitals to achieve this. Recruitment was carried out for a Marketing Director and he was supported in the first few years. Recommendations were made for management information requirements. Staff training was carried out to introduce a ‘patient focused marketing culture’. This started with the senior managers and was spread to all staff in all departments. 'Marketers’ were appointed throughout the organisation.