Communication Strategy for National Service Framework

Communication Strategy for
National Service Framework

The Challenge

The Department of Health was carrying out the development of a new National Service Framework for Long Term Diseases with a large number of diverse stakeholders and organisations. They had urgent need of a communications strategy and workable plan to ensure that a large number of stakeholders with access difficulties could take part in the consultations and become engaged in the project.

The Analysis

All the stakeholders on the working party were contacted and their views sought.

The Strategy

A strategy and detailed action plan was developed to engage stakeholders in the process, in line with DH communications strategies, within time and within budget; which was small. This was presented to the steering group.

The Result

The communications and public relations departments of all the patient groups and charities involved, were used, in conjunction with DH communications and the Royal Colleges and professional groups, to communicate to stakeholders – patients, people with long term diseases, their families and carers, clinicians and other health professionals. A series of stakeholder consultation conferences was set up across the country. A special web site was set up for stakeholders to view progress and bulletins were issued regularly. The National Service Framework was successfully delivered.