Stewart Stanley

Stewart StanleyBSc, MBA, MCIM

Since graduating with a special honours degree in physiology from Bristol University he has worked in the healthcare sector in the UK and overseas. Working in the pharmaceutical industry, his career embraced production, sales, marketing and general management culminating in board appointments with the UK subsidiaries of blue chip global companies. For the past 12 years he has worked as a consultant and advisor to organisations operating in healthcare.

He gained an MBA whilst working for Johnson & Johnson. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing where he is a committee member of the specific Health Care Industry Sector Group. Within this Group he is responsible for organising and facilitating an annual programme of workshops for marketers within the healthcare industry.

Training and Consultancy Experience

Consultant to the healthcare industry since 1995. He has been engaged by a number of blue chip companies, including Aventis, Roche, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson and Schering-Plough. A current project involves training NHS managers and clinicians about marketing. This involves a series of workshops and master classes. He was a speaker at the national HSJ meeting in November (2006) on Marketing in the NHS and a facilitator in the associated seminar.

Market Sector Focus

  • Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Devices, Diagnostics
  • NHS and Private Healthcare Providers
  • International (Europe, Middle East, Far East).

Areas of Expertise

Sales, marketing and general management:

  • NHS Analysis
  • NICE submissions
  • Strategic and Tactical Prescribing Policy Solutions
  • Managed entry (to NHS)
  • Advisory panels and expert networks
  • Medical Education
  • Professional Relations
  • Strategic marketing
  • Training.

Training programmes delivered to health care suppliers:

  • Finance for marketers and sales managers
  • Introduction to the marketing plan
  • Managed entry to the NHS (pharmaceuticals, devices, diagnostics, biotechnology)
  • Leveraging Key Opinion Leaders (Managing Key Opinion Leaders/Advocates)
  • The NHS as a System
  • Overview of the NHS
  • Segmentation
  • Outsourcing to third parties and agencies – optimising partnerships
  • Presentation skills – effective presentations
  • Successful negotiating skills
  • Successful selling skills
  • Managing change
  • Organisations as systems.

Training programmes delivered in the NHS

  • Stepping Stones – marketing in the NHS (Basic Guide).

NHS Master Classes:

  • Segmentation in the NHS
  • Communication and customer care
  • Branding and reputation management
  • Relationship marketing.

Bespoke programmes

Recent Assignments

  • Orchestrate and Chair a series of national and international discussion groups
  • Advise and prepare NICE Guideline submission. Advise on management of process
  • Training managers and clinicians in NHS on marketing. Implications for Choose & Book and Practice Based Commissioning (PBC).

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