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At Portcullis Public Affairs, we know all about change – we’re constantly delivering it.

The success of your organisation today could rely on your understanding of how Government policy affects you. The achievement of your future goals could depend on your ability to influence the policymakers.

Your knowledge and experience could help to shape Government decisions. Portcullis Public Affairs' programmes aim to bring your know-how to policymakers at the right time so that your position can be considered as policy is formed or changed.
For over 15 years, we have been helping people shape Government policy in this way. And the key is information – from our clients, provided in precisely the right way to inform the decision-makers.

If you are seeking to effect change or influence the nature of the debate, Portcullis has the expertise to enhance your Government relations to help you deliver those changes.

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Our Services

We aim to help our clients influence and shape those policy decisions that impact on their interests. We do so by focusing only on the established procedures through which Government seeks public input into policymaking. We believe in using authorised processes effectively and responsibly, which not only brings results but also enhances the reputation of our clients

  • monitoring and intelligence gathering to rapidly identify opportunities to influence policy outcomes
  • research and analysis capabilities to provide detailed knowledge on specific policy and to help build a compelling evidence-based case
  • political audit service to understand how Government and related institutions perceive - and impact on - your business or organisation
  • strategic advice, implementation and advocacy - to help you present your case in the most effective way
  • coaching and training to preparing for vital meetings.

You will have a team at your disposal, which will support you, if you need this, when meeting and liasing with key parties or arranging events.

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Whatever your need, we can help

Whether you have a short-term project dealing with an immediate issue or crisis, or a longer-term programme to develop and shape a piece of legislation, our expertise will help you meet your objective. We’ll assist you in building constructive contacts and coalitions and informing policymakers by providing accurate information and removing misconceptions.

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Our Client Base

We have a wide range of clients from many different backgrounds including:

  • Blue Chip companies
  • Local Government
  • Charities / Voluntary sector
  • Government and political sector bodies
  • Financial services
  • Public service

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